The Spotlight on Improvement series highlights real stories of health care quality improvement. These case studies can be used to improve health care programs and spark new collaborations.

CHI Franciscan Health System: Making strides toward more appropriate use of the ER

February 2015: CHI Franciscan Health System, Pierce, Kitsap and south King counties, Wash.

CHI Franciscan is making great strides to reduce avoidable emergency room use. By focusing on providing their patients alternatives to more costly emergency room visits, they have become top performers in the region for their low rates of avoidable emergency room use.

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Swedish Medical Center: Rethinking the practice of ordering daily labs to reduce waste and improve care

November 2014: Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, Wash.

Read how Swedish Medical Center is making a big impact through a simple, innovative solution—changing the practice of ordering “daily labs,” or a lab automatically ordered for every day a patient is in the hospital. Following Choosing Wisely recommendations, Swedish Medical Center encourages physicians to only order tests that are clinically relevant. The results? This simple process change is resulting in 14,000 fewer unnecessary lab tests annually.

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Rockwood Clinic: Adding Choosing Wisely® recommendations into existing culture of quality

September 2014: Rockwood Clinic, Spokane, Wash.

Choosing Wisely® is a national initiative helping physicians and patients have conversations about the overuse of tests and procedures and supports physicians’ efforts to help patients make smart and effective care choices. Read how one health system has successfully embedded the recommendations into their existing quality improvement culture.

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Pacific Medical Center: Successful population management by putting patients and quality first

August 2014: Pacific Medical Center, Seattle, Wash.

How do you successfully manage the health of a population? Pacific Medical Center did so by creating a strong patient and service-focused team environment. They built a robust quality infrastructure that uses patient registries and reporting to facilitate proactive care, developed improvement initiatives through patient care committees and focused on continuous improvement through internal and external benchmarking. Their hard work and focus on continuous quality improvement is clearly seen in their above average quality scores in the Community Checkup.

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Improving Patient Experience: How UW Neighborhood Clinics Improved Their Patients’ Experience of Care

Learn how UW Neighborhood Clinics dramatically improved the experience of their patients through a thoughtful, comprehensive strategy that puts patients first. In the Alliance’s 2012 Your Voice Matters report, UWNC had mixed results; compared to the newly released 2014 report, UWNC is one of only five medical groups who received all-above-regional scores.

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Group Health improved patient care and reduced costs by lowering unnecessary pap-screening tests

March 2014: Group Health Cooperative, Seattle, Wash.

Group Health used the Choosing Wisely campaign as a way to encourage provider and patient conversations on the necessity and safety of tests, treatments and procedures and to avoid unnecessary or potentially harmful care. They paired this with an electronic medical record trigger tool to help reduce unnecessary testing and reduce wasteful spending.

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