The Spotlight on Improvement series highlights real stories of health care quality improvement. These case studies can be used to improve health care programs and spark new collaborations.

Group Health improved patient care and reduced costs by lowering unnecessary pap-screening tests

March 2014: Group Health Cooperative, Seattle, Wash.

Group Health used the Choosing Wisely campaign as a way to encourage provider and patient conversations on the necessity and safety of tests, treatments and procedures and to avoid unnecessary or potentially harmful care. They paired this with an electronic medical record trigger tool to help reduce unnecessary testing and reduce wasteful spending.

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PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center: Improving Care through Glycemic Management

November 2013: PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center

In 2006, PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center initiated an internal glycemic control task force to review protocol and found that blood glucose targets were not regularly met in cardiac patients. The group also found that the special needs of patients with diabetes were not commonly met before discharge and there was little continuity of care once patients transitioned from the hospital back into the community.

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