Recommended Parking Garages

  1. Pacific Place Parking Garage: Garage entrance between Olive and Pine on 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue. Take the stub with you and pay in the Pacific Place parking-level lobby when you leave.
  2. Westlake Tower Parking Garage: Parking entrance is between 4th and 5th Avenue on Olive Street.
  3. Plaza 600 Parking Garage (Alliance Office – Limited Parking): Garage entrance is on Westlake and 6th Avenue. Use the upper machine on your left to call the parking service; they will raise the gate for you at the upper garage. Take a ticket on your way in to raise the arm. The visitor parking area is to the left. Use your ticket on your way out to raise the exit arm and the gate.
  4. The Westin Parking Garage: Garage entrance on 6th Avenue, between Stewart and Virginia.

Limited street and surface parking is also available. To view a parking map and see real-time open space counts, visit

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