Recommended Parking Garages

  1. Metropolitan Tower Parking Garage: Garage entrance on 7th Avenue between Virginia and Stewart.
  2. Pacific Place Parking Garage: Garage entrance between Olive and Pine on 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue. Take the stub with you and pay in the Pacific Place parking-level lobby when you leave.
  3. Westlake Tower Parking Garage: Parking entrance is between 4th and 5th Avenue on Olive Street.
  4. Plaza 600 Parking Garage (Alliance Office – Limited Parking): Garage entrance is on Westlake and 6th Avenue. Car information is collected by the attendant when you enter and a parking spot assigned.
  5. The Westin Parking Garage: Garage entrance on 6th Avenue, between Stewart and Virginia.

Limited street and surface parking is also available. To view a parking map and see real-time open space counts, visit

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