The Alliance offers participating members a range of benefits. All members are invited to attend Alliance board and committee meetings. In addition, members receive access to helpful resources not available to non-members.

All members

Other benefits that all members share in include:

Exposure to best practices and innovations. All Alliance meetings offer the opportunity to learn from peers, national thought leaders and regional innovators about how to bend the cost trend and improve quality.

Joining in the collective conversation. As the one place where those who give, get and pay for care come together, the Alliance provides the venue for dialogue with all the stakeholders in health care.

Signaling your commitment to health care transformation to your peers and clients. Alliance members are leaders in the effort to transform the health care system. Your participation in the Alliance tells your stakeholders, including Alliance members, that you actively support that goal.

In addition, purchasers and providers receive benefits specific to them.

For purchasers

Help with controlling your health care costs. The Alliance offers tools that can help you identify opportunities to lower costs and make data-based decisions about benefit design and selection of providers.

  • Custom reports that can help you better understand your population. Our large data suppliers receive a custom version of our Community Checkup report showing how their population compares to the rest of the region.
  • Access to members-only data on cost. The Alliance’s work on resource use for high-volume hospitalizations provides a clearer understanding of which delivery systems in our region use resources efficiently.
  • A customized consumer engagement campaign. The Alliance’s Own Your Health campaign educates your employees about how they can better manage their health and health care.

The power of a collective voice. By speaking with one voice, purchasers can have a greater impact with providers and health plans.

  • Benchmarking health plans. The Alliance uses the eValue8 tool from the National Business Coalition on Health to measure the performance of health plans and to facilitate a direct discussion between plans and purchasers about expectations for improvement.
  • Direct conversations with providers. Purchasers join together in direct conversations with providers on such issues as resource use and the proliferation of freestanding emergency rooms, amplifying the importance of their concerns in a rapidly consolidating market.
  • Networking with other purchasers. The Alliance’s purchaser affinity group brings together senior leaders and benefits professionals to share lessons learned based on their own experiences, as well as the experience of outside experts.

For providers

Objective data to drive quality improvement and understand cost. The Alliance’s rich data set helps you understand your performance relative to the entire region.

  • Comparative benchmarking through the Community Checkup. The Community Checkup is a single, objective report using claims on two million residents on the prevalence of effective primary care in medical groups.
  • Comprehensive patient experience data. The Alliance’s survey on the experience of more than 30,000 patients with care in their doctors’ office is the only analysis of its kind in the region. Medical groups can receive detailed reports on their performance to understand their results that are publicly reported.
  • Members-only data on cost. The Alliance’s work on variation of pricing for high-volume hospitalizations allows delivery systems to understand how well they are positioned for payment reforms such as bundled or accountable care payment.

Joining in dialogue with all the stakeholders. As the one place where those who give, get and pay for care come together, the Alliance provides the venue for conversation among all the stakeholders in health care.

  • Networking with other provider stakeholders. Through its committees and All Alliance meetings, health care providers have multiple opportunities to engage with their peers and regional and national thought leaders to share specific strategies for improving the delivery of health care.
  • Direct conversations with purchasers. The Alliance offers the chance for providers and purchasers to engage in conversations to better understand each other’s perspectives and expectations and to highlight providers’ capabilities.
  • A platform for successes. Membership in the Alliance gives you the means to demonstrate to the community your leadership and participation in broad-based efforts to solve the challenges of healthcare cost and quality.

For more information about membership and its benefits, please contact Nancy Giunto, the Alliance’s Executive Director,