For Other Organizations

Through collaboration, we can transform the health system.

The Alliance offers a singular opportunity to interact with all the participants in our health care system, including purchasers, providers, health plans and consumers. Our participating organizations have a front row seat in the effort to transform health care in Washington, helping to shape ongoing efforts to change behaviors, improve quality and efficiency and promote good health.

We are committed to the following principles:

Creating a forum for critical conversation.
  • By bringing all the participants in health care together, the Alliance offers an objective forum for members to share ideas, learn from each other and adapt during a time of rapid change.
  • Serving as a trusted source of information on health care quality and value to support informed decision-making and help increase health literacy.
Acting as a catalyst and reporter of progress toward a better health care system.
  • Measuring our health care system’s progress toward achieving better care, better health and lower cost.
  • Shining a light on promising practices to increase adoption in the marketplace.
  • Exposing variation in the quality and price of health care.
Thinking globally, acting locally.
  • Bringing national and regional thought leaders to the conversation to improve health care in Washington.
  • Working to make Washington state a leader in health care improvement nationally.

The Alliance offers you the opportunity to connect with all the participants in health care in order to work toward a shared goal: making Washington state a leader in high-quality, high-value health care. Join with leading national and regional organizations to help improve our health care system.