For Providers

By creating higher value health care, we can create better health.

Medical groups and delivery systems are crucial partners in the work of the Alliance. The Alliance recognizes that the efforts of providers to effectively implement changes in their business practices, choices and behavior will have an impact in creating higher value health care and better health. Join with our other participating organizations and take a front row seat in the effort to transform health care in Washington.

We are committed to the following principles:

Objective data to drive quality improvement and understand cost.
The Alliance’s rich data set helps you understand your performance relative to your peers and identify opportunities for improving quality and efficiency.

  • Comparative benchmarking through the Community Checkup. The Community Checkup is a single, objective report using claims on four million (and growing) Washington insured residents on the prevalence of effective primary care in medical groups.
  • Comprehensive patient experience data. The Alliance’s survey on the experience of more than 30,000 patients with care in their primary care doctors’ office is the only analysis of its kind in the region.
  • Members-only data on resource-use. The Alliance’s work on resource use for certain high-volume hospitalizations provides a clearer understanding of which delivery systems in our region consistently use resources more efficiently and how well they are positioned for payment reforms such as bundled or accountable care payment.
  • Data to support network and referral decisions and movement toward new payment models. Increased price transparency will offer providers the information they need to develop new models of delivering care.
Joining in the collective conversation to transform care delivery and financing.
The Alliance provides the venue for dialogue with all the participants in health care and is the one place where those who give care, get care and pay for care come together.

  • Direct conversations with purchasers. The Alliance offers the chance for delivery systems and purchasers to engage in conversations to better understand each other’s perspectives and expectations and to highlight providers’ capabilities. Alliance data can help you promote the quality of your practice as the market increasingly moves toward direct contracting with purchasers.
  • Connecting directly with community partners. The Alliance can help to facilitate direct conversations between providers, purchasers and plans to share value-payment mechanisms.
  • Engaging consumers to use price and quality information and embrace value-based benefits. Through its consumer engagement campaign, the Alliance offers support to providers working to educate consumers about how to make decisions that support high-value, high-quality health care.

The Alliance offers you the information and support you need to move our health care system to the next level. Join with leading medical groups and delivery systems to help improve our health care system.