For Purchasers

The Alliance works to create a high-value, high-quality health care system

As a purchaser-led organization, the Alliance is responsive to the needs of public and private employers and labor union trusts to create a high-value, high-quality health care system. We serve as a catalyst of progress toward a better health care system.

We are committed to the following principles:

Leveraging your collective voice.

By speaking with one voice, purchasers can have a greater impact on providers and health plans.

  • Facilitating direct conversations with providers.
  • Evaluating and benchmarking health plan performance.
  • Speaking with and for purchasers as they work to increase value in the marketplace.
Learning best practices.
The Alliance provides the forum for critical conversations among purchasers about progress toward a better health care system.

  • Networking with other purchasers through the Purchaser Affinity Group.
  • Opportunity to compare your health care strategy with the market and peers.
  • Front-row insights into innovative reforms in Washington.
  • Providing tools for purchasers and their employees or members to help navigate the marketplace in a time of change.
Maximizing your work to improve value.
The Alliance offers tools that can help you identify opportunities to lower costs and make data-based decisions about benefit design and selection of providers.

  • Producing timely, practical and actionable material on how to get the maximum value in the health care market
  • Exposing variation in the price and quality of health care
  • Creating custom reports for benchmarking workforce performance
  • Objectively identifying high-value aspects of plans, networks and products in the market, as well as low-value sources, to inform benefit strategy
  • Providing members-only data on cost.

The Alliance offers you the information and support you need to improve the value of your health care investment. Join with leading national and regional purchasers to help transform the health care system.