Catherine Lanham

Director, Finance & Business Operations

Catherine Lanham is the Alliance’s Director of Finance  and Business Operations. Catherine has an MBA in Finance and 25-years of experience working in nonprofit accounting and finance. She has a passion for bringing business skills to the nonprofit sector. Prior to her engagement as Director of Finance and Business Operations, she served as the Finance Manager at the Alliance for over four years and has operated her own independent consulting business since 2000.


Catherine graduated with an MBA from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and has an undergraduate degree from Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA.  Along the way, she has worked in corporate finance, international business and banking. She has served the nonprofit local community in some way as an employee, consultant, volunteer and board member all of her professional life.


Catherine is committed to using high quality financial information for effective management decisions and providing strong business leadership at the Alliance.