The Alliance Welcomes New Members 98point6 and North Central Accountable Community of Health

This month, we’re excited to welcome 98point6 and North Central Accountable Community of Health as the newest members of the Alliance.


Pioneering a New Approach to Primary Care

98point6 is pioneering a new approach to primary care, using technology to provide affordable, on-demand access.  98point6 combines the expertise of world-class physicians with the power of artificial intelligence (AI), allowing them to put primary care in the palm of your hand.

Their doctors are able to treat the full spectrum of primary care illnesses—all through their text-based platform via secure, in-app messaging. That means people can access care anytime of day and anywhere—no appointments necessary. Whether on the go, in the conference room or in the comfort of home, it’s simple and private access to board-certified care.

Learn more about 98point6 here.


North Central Accountable Community of Health

Using Data to Make a Difference

North Central Accountable Community of Health (North Central ACH) is a local group of community leaders who are focused on health, policy, and data-driven approaches. They use collaborative partnerships and innovative solutions to improve the health of their communities as a part of the state’s Healthier Washington Initiative. Their goal is to activate Medicaid beneficiaries, health and social service providers, payers, and other community members to join in building a healthier region together.

Learn more about North Central ACH and its programs, including Medicaid transformation, Coalitions for Health Improvement Community Initiatives, and its Opioid Project here.