The Alliance Welcomes New Members Hello Heart and Wellth

Hello Heart empowers people to understand and improve their heart health using mobile technology. Hello Heart is a clinically-based smartphone solution for patients to track, understand and improve their chronic conditions. Users are able to build healthy tracking habits and improve their health in real time with an easy-to-use smartphone application. Hello Heart is the only smartphone solution on the market with a peer-reviewed clinical study on its effectiveness.

Learn more about Hello Heart here.


Wellth helps improve quality scores, reduce utilization, and improve member satisfaction by using the right incentive at the right time to motivate members to form life-changing healthy habits.‍ Training healthy habits helps drive down the overall cost of care and can reduce hospitalizations and other claims by 20–40%. Their solutions drive outcomes where care plan adherence is critical. They use the science of behavioral economics— combined with an appreciation for human nature. This enables them to uncover and address the unique obstacles that prevent people with chronic conditions from forming the habits necessary to create lasting behavior change.

Learn more about Wellth here.