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Low-Back Pain Implementation Collaborative

The Alliance worked with 32 participants from an array of stakeholder groups, to establish a clear guideline for treatment —the Acute Low-Back Pain Care Pathway. The aim of this new standard of care is to limit unnecessary imaging, surgery and prescribing of opioids, which waste over ten million annually in Washington.


Community Checkup 2024

Quality and Cost. See the statewide results.

1,875 clinics. 325 medical groups. 100 hospitals. 16 health plans. The WHA’s most comprehensive study gathers millions of data points and reports on dozens of measures for health plans, provider organizations, and on a geographic level statewide.


The Power of Purchaser Membership

Join a conversation with more than 150 diverse member organizations working in collaboration toward an overall mission.

Access measurement and insight into health care quality and cost derived from more than 4.5 million Washington residents and a combined $19 billion in membership health care spending.

Leverage the collective purchasers’ voice through advocacy for policy and health care system change.

Engage in collaborative workgroups both here and across the country to drive toward a best-in-class health system.

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“Starbucks legacy of taking care of partners (employees) began more than 30 years ago when we first began offering healthcare coverage to all of our partners, including those working part-time. Since then, we’ve evolved our healthcare benefits to offer more choice and resources that empower our partners to make informed decisions about their health care needs. The Alliance’s Community Checkup is one of those valuable resources that helps to get important knowledge into the hands of individuals and organizations.”

Ron Crawford, Starbucks

“Insights from data into how healthcare is delivered and consumed are critical to reducing waste and driving down costs in Washington’s healthcare system. The Alliance’s Community Checkup reporting is excellent and so critical to the continuing dialogue around value-based care and consumer advocacy. We believe in the importance of incorporating appropriateness measures into our provider selection capabilities along with cost and quality. As a Seattle-headquartered company, we are proud to support the Alliance’s efforts and encourage other companies to do so as well.”

Rajeev Singh, Accolade

“The Alliance’s analysis enables the Association of Washington Cities Employee Benefit Trust to have a clearer understanding of the care that our members and their families are getting and helps inform our decisions on how we can improve it. Using Community Checkup results, we focused on preventive care and are seeing an increase in the number of people getting information about their benefits and accessing these important services. We also expanded our behavioral health benefits and now our members have more access than ever before.”

Beverly Lakey, Association of Washington Cities

Our members include the top health care providers, insurers, employers, and advocacy groups in Washington, such as…