Colon Cancer: A leading cause of cancer death in Washington

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Colon Cancer: A leading cause of cancer death in Washington

With colon cancer is a leading cause of cancer death in Washington State and across the nation, efforts to address early screening and treatment are more important than ever.

Yet many care gaps exist with as many as four in 10 commercially insured Washington residents not receiving appropriate colon cancer screenings.

In mid-September, the Alliance hosted experts to discuss actions that employers, health plans, and health care providers can take to close care gaps and ensure that everyone gets appropriate screening and treatment.

The key takeaways from this hourlong webinar include:

  • A clear picture of the existing care gaps and inequities in colorectal cancer screenings in Washington state.  
  • The financial impact of the disease and the well-defined benefits of early screening and treatment.  
  • What efforts can be taken through shared decision making and alternative screenings to ensuring that everyone is getting the appropriate care.  
  • The framework of an action plan that all stakeholders, including healthcare providers, health plans and health care purchasers, can take to close the care gaps.