Putting a focus on achieving hospital fair price

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Putting a focus on achieving hospital fair price


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Families across Washington State and the rest of the country are continuing to feel the squeeze of rising health care costs. Similarly, employers are under pressure as they continue to navigate providing comprehensive benefits for their employees. So what can be done?

In partnership with the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions and more than a dozen other health care coalitions, the Washington Health Alliance is working to put the focus on achieving hospital fair price.

As part of that effort, this partnership has released ‘Setting the Record Straight: The Urgency of Achieving Hospital Fair Price,’ which debunks some common myths about rising hospital prices.

What is clear is that the consumers are feeling the brunt of these rising costs. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, family premiums increased as much as 20% over the past five years. The rise is attributed in large part to rising hospital prices.

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