The Alliance Welcomes PhyPal

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The Alliance Welcomes PhyPal

This month, we’re excited to welcome Phypal as the newest member of the Alliance.


PhyPal was founded on July 5th, 2017 with the vision of redefining the traditional patient-physician engagement model through innovative technology and highly personalized healthcare adaptive processes.

PhyPal is a suite of AI-driven digital health solutions that assist the physician during every part of their workflow, allowing them to better focus on their patients. By providing an interface for the physician and patient to improve their liaison, PhyPal supports the physician much like a friend or a ‘pal’ would, hence the name PhyPal.  Their  technology comprises of Android Apps, iOS Apps, Wearables, Web Applications, and a secure data repository that helps us perform multivariate nonlinear regression modeling and build interesting AI models to solve complex medical challenges.

Learn more about PhyPal here.

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