Helping employees find high-value health care

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Helping employees find high-value health care

Value in health care means high quality and a good patient experience at a fair price. Purchasers have a big role to play in helping their employees and members get high-value care through smart benefit design and employee communication and engagement. As a group, employers and health trusts have enormous power to shape the health care market.

One way employers can help is by encouraging employees to be “savvy shoppers.” That’s why, in partnership with the Washington State Health Care Authority’s Healthier Washington initiative, we’ve created a campaign called the “Savvy Health Care Shopper.” The campaign includes a video, a series of infographics and a brochure for you to use to help you and your employees know how to get high-value health care. We encourage you to share these materials with your employees, members and even your friends and family.

Please consider incorporating the Savvy Shopper video on your website or send in an email. Use the infographics in your employee newsletter, at a health fair, or on employee bulletin boards. And please pass along any feedback you receive!

Thank you for your help getting the message out. Together we can improve the quality and value of health care for people in Washington state.

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