Prescryptive Health Joins the Alliance

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Prescryptive Health Joins the Alliance

This month, we’re excited to welcome Prescryptive Health, Inc. as the newest member of the Alliance.

About Prescryptive Health, Inc.

Prescryptive, a new company that launched on January 1, 2019, is looking to put the prescription drug purchasing power in the hands of patients. CEO and co-founder Chris Blackley says Prescryptive has the potential to transform “the largest and fastest growing component of health care benefits expense.” Blackley estimates that there is $100 billion in excess cost in the prescription drug market each year and wants to shed light on how the industry works, in particular, pricing, profits, and rebates.

Currently, when a patient gets a prescription, it’s impossible to know whether it’s covered by insurance and the out-of-pocket cost sharing until it gets picked up at the pharmacy. Blackley says that’s a problem. So big, in fact, that 10% of all prescriptions are abandoned at the pharmacy counter because patients can’t afford them. These patients often end up back at the doctor or the hospital. Prescryptive wants to change that by letting consumers know whether it’s covered and are their options available, prices in different pharmacies, and generic options, all by looking at their phone or other mobile device before they show up at the pharmacy.

Blackley says they will be reaching out to small to medium self-insured employers first, but this could benefit companies of all sizes in helping their insured take charge of their prescription drugs. Learn more about Prescryptive here.

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