Recap: Alliance hosts ‘Examining Equity’ webinar discussing 2023 Community Checkup

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Recap: Alliance hosts ‘Examining Equity’ webinar discussing 2023 Community Checkup

Earlier this month, the Alliance hosted a webinar to highlight the latest insights from its 17th Community Checkup report with emphasis on a new tool that shows how someone’s advantage or disadvantage can directly impact the quality of care they receive across Washington state.

This new report, released on March 7, included the most expansive refresh of Alliance analyses to date with new data input into highlights including the Total Cost of Care, Quality Composite Score with Total Cost of Care, and Variations in Health Care Quality. Additionally, the Alliance released the Quality Results by Area Deprivation Index, which utilizes the Neighborhood Atlas, also known as Area Deprivation Index, validated by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

In the hour-long webinar, Executive Director Drew Oliveira highlights new findings this year including how individuals without an assigned PCP receive a demonstrably low quality of care and how the place someone lives can have a significant impact on care.

After reviewing the latest insights, Oliveira joined Denise Giambalvo, the Alliance’s Director of Member Engagement & Business Strategy, and Sharon Eloranta, the Alliance’s Medical Director, in a discussion on how this latest report can be utilized, how organizations can use this information and what actions can be taken to address some of the issues.

Please visit to see the latest report and highlights.

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