About the Collaborative: 


The Low Back Pain Implementation Collaborative brings together more than 30 stakeholders, including health care purchasers, health plan leaders, health care providers, and experts to work on solutions to address the treatment of acute low back pain. It is estimated that 80% of Americans will have some form of back pain in their lifetime, but not all of them will receive high-quality health care to address it. In Washington state alone, the latest data shows that approximately 72,000 people with low-back pain received more than 140,000 low-value services an at estimated cost of nearly $10 million in 2020.

A list of collaborative participants and subject matter experts.

Evidence-Based Care Pathway for Acute Low-Back Pain:

With the guidance of participants and subject matter experts, the Collaborative has created a care pathway for the treatment of acute low-back pain.

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As part of its ongoing effort to address the treatment of low-back pain, the Washington Health Alliance’s Low-Back Pain Implementation Collaborative has collected resources from its stakeholders that highlight efforts to address the issue. The materials below include webinars, patient handouts and member newsletters. The collaborative encourages individuals and organizations share these free materials.

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Integrative Care Options:

Among the stakeholders participating in this Collaborative are acupuncturists, chiropractors, and physical therapists. The Collaborative has compiled resources and information to educate and inform on integrative care options for the treatment of acute low-back pain.

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Since the beginning, the Collaborative has reviewed and shared the leading research on acute low-back pain treatment, relying on this information to inform materials created through this effort.

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The Low-Back Pain Implementation Collaborative, launched in February 2022, has brought together 32 stakeholders to work together “to improve the value of care for all patients with low-back pain in Washington state.” Follow along with updates since the project was first announced.

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